Lisa BLACKPINK Declines YG Entertainment’s $40 Million Contract Offer

Reports suggest that Lisa BLACKPINK has declined an offer to extend her contract with YG Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company. The contract offer is said to be worth tens of millions of dollars. According to Korean media outlet Star News, Lisa has been engaged in negotiations regarding her contract.

It is believed that Lisa turned down YG’s initial offer and more recently rejected a second offer. The reported value of the contract is approximately 50 billion Korean Won. Additionally, there have been rumors that foreign labels, including one from Thailand, have offered Lisa contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.


Contract Renewal Uncertainty

Negotiations surrounding Lisa’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment have become increasingly complex after she rejected the agency’s offers on two occasions. Chinese media also reported difficulties in extending the contract between the idol and her agency.

YG Entertainment has issued a statement regarding the contract rumors, stating, “We are currently discussing the renewal of Lisa’s contract. The rumors have not received official confirmation.”

It’s important to note that the contracts of BLACKPINK members expired in August, coinciding with the group’s 7th anniversary in 2023.

BLACKPINK’s Recent Tour

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK recently embarked on their “BORN PINK” tour, which commenced in 2022. Lisa, along with fellow members Rose, Jennie, and Jisoo, is set to conclude the tour with a final concert in South Korea on September 16th and 17th.

While the future contracts of the group’s members, particularly Lisa’s, remain uncertain, Koreaboo reports that the direction of BLACKPINK’s future activities will likely be determined after YG Entertainment officially announces the contract status of each member with the company.

Speculation and Fan Reaction

Fans of BLACKPINK have been eagerly speculating about the future of the group and its members, especially in light of Lisa’s contract negotiations. The uncertainty has led to various discussions and hopes among fans, with many expressing their support for Lisa’s decision, whatever it may be. BLACKPINK’s global popularity and success have made them a significant force in the K-pop industry, and fans are eager to see what the future holds for the group and its individual members.

As the negotiations continue, BLACKPINK fans worldwide will undoubtedly keep a close eye on developments and eagerly anticipate any official announcements from YG Entertainment regarding the group’s future plans and contracts.


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