Rootstime (Belgium)

(Translated from Dutch using Google Translate)

‘Gunther Brown’ is not a person but an American group from Portland, Maine playing and roots rock music, which has six band members: frontman and main songwriter Pete Dubuc, singer-guitarist Greg Klein, lead guitarist Mark McDonough, multi-instrumentalist Joe Bloom Anderson , bassist Drew Wyman and drummer Derek Mills.

Their debut album “Good Nights For Daydreams” dates from 2014 and was followed in 2016 by the album “North Wind”. The latest, third album from “Gunther Brown” is called “Heartache & Roses” and consists of eleven new songs from the band. Those who love the Americana sound of bands like “Old 97s”, “Uncle Tupelo” or “The Jayhawks” will certainly be to be found for the music that “Gunther Brown” brings to “Heartache & Roses”.

Songs such as the ballads “The Crossing”, “Garden” and “Rudderless” or guitar rock song “Slow Me Down” have many similarities with the songs that you know from those three groups just mentioned. We have included other songs that are definitely worth the effort on the accompanying videos: first the swinging “Unlearned”, followed by the alt country rock song “New Man”, the album opening track on which guest musician Bill Waldron plays pedal steel guitar, just like with the very nice title track “Heartache & Roses” and the handsome “Dire Straits” -like “Slow Me Down”.

It is also pleasant to listen to the soft ballad “Ally” There is also a very nice end to this album with the intimate song “Same Place, Same Time” which immediately includes an invitation to decorate a date with ‘Gunther Brown’ for a possible live concert that they will hopefully come to give in Europe in the coming months.

’Heartache & Roses’ is the 3rd album from Portland, Maine’s, alt country and americana band Gunther Brown, a sextet that will surprise you with the freshness of their songs and the variation in the tracks. They are moving from intimate ballads over pedal steel based country tunes to catchy and swinging rootsrockers. Excellent stuff, guys!