Gunther Brown is the Portland-based band that will make you fall back in love with Americana music. If you’re already a fan of the genre but unfamiliar with this act, you can thank me later, or better yet, head to One Longfellow Square on Saturday night for the “Heartache & Roses” album release show. You…

Portland Press Herald

(Translated from Dutch using Google Translate) ‘Gunther Brown’ is not a person but an American group from Portland, Maine playing and roots rock music, which has six band members: frontman and main songwriter Pete Dubuc, singer-guitarist Greg Klein, lead guitarist Mark McDonough, multi-instrumentalist Joe Bloom Anderson , bassist Drew Wyman and drummer Derek Mills.…

Rootstime (Belgium)

What happens when a great alt-country band like Gunther Brown adds the frontman (Greg Klein) of another great alt-country band like Dark Hollow Bottling Company? Judging by the brand-new “Heartache and Roses,” Gunther’s third full-length release, some damn good things.  For fans of the Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo, and the Old 97s, this band quite simply…

Portland Phoenix

(Translated from Dutch using Google Translate) Gunther Brown is a 6-piece band from Portland, Maine, who, with their new album “Heartache & Roses”, immediately deliver the right vibes that you can expect from a real roots’ n rock band. With their debut album “Good Nights For Daydreams”, which was released in 2014, they could count…

Rootsville (Belgium)

“Gunther Brown enchants with stunning roots songs that sound both sweet and raw.” (Translated.)

De Krenten uit de Pop

“…the singer has the desire and ability to to express both strength and emotion a bit like John Kay (Steppenwolf) in his solo period. The second striking thing is the quality of the compositions, the ability of the songwriter (and the group) in combining diversity and unity.”

Le Cri du Coyote (France)

“…brilliantly constructed, fantastically catchy, and truly memorable (Christ of the American Road is a genuine classic).”

The International Americana Music Show

“Such a gorgeous set of songs. This is what a roots album is supposed to sound like.”

MusicMeter (Netherlands)

“Dubuc’s voice squeezes out every ounce of hurt and emptiness…they may well indeed find a place alongside such other Americana alumni of the state [of Maine] as Slaid Cleaves and Ray Lamontagne.”

“Plenty of alt-country bands around, but not like Gunther Brown, Fabulous – the songs are convincing, and surprising. From subtle to gritty and integrating swamp-rock and country-gospel … a record that is still more impressive than the amazing debut and which therefore absolutely deserves to be heard.”

De krenten uit de pop (Netherlands)

“Ten very mature songs that carry you into a sort of pleasant sadness.”

Rootstime (Belgium)

“Once again Gunther Brown presents an infatuating mix of all the elements that makes Americana so popular. Old Man’s twangy guitar sound alone is a good reason to listen to this album often.”

Gezien-Gehoord (Netherlands)

“..their music…sounds refreshingly honest and straightforward. Songwriter and lead vocalist Pete Dubuc has a voice with built in rasp that speaks of a life full of hardworn experience – and probably a fair deal of whiskey.”

Flying Shoes Review

“A wonderful debut…” (of Good Nights for Daydreams)

Keys and Chords

“RESIGNED TO GREATNESS – The guys in Gunther Brown can lay on the biting spite pretty thick, but they also embrace pure emotion. With Gunther Brown’s debut full-length, frontman Pete Dubuc and crew have created the most sorrowful local record since Ray Lamontagne’s Till the Sun Turns Black.”

The Portland Phoenix

“The view from Portland, Maine collective Gunther Brown is seen as one of your great Americana promises for 2016.”

Ctr.Alt.Country. (Belgium)

“North Wind is many things at once: tender, fierce, thought-provoking, powerful and even fun. Could lavish praise on every track…this band is really onto something.”

Portland Press Herald

“Though we’re barely a month into 2014, this may turn out to be one of the best albums of the year.”

Portland Press Herald

“Gunther Brown’s debut album is forty minutes of resignation and despair set to one of the most mournful soundtracks you’re likely to hear this year or any other. Leader and songwriter Pete Dubuc is a master of despondency.”


“This is a really strong album that can sit with relative ease in the aforementioned loose sub genre of ‘Americana rock…Gunther Brown are genuinely a band that are doing things a little differently to most others and their individuality should, given the slightest chance, set them apart and make them immediately recognizable, giving them an…

American Roots UK

“…expert songwriting matched with classic Americana styling. Good Nights for Daydreams shows a small new piece being carved into the [Americana] genre that will hopefully be acknowledged and appreciated.”

USM Free Press